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Process Journal

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Focusing on the theme of 'Less is More', edition nine features: Manual (US), Build (UK), Bedow (SE) and Mark Gowing Design (AU), in addition to essays by Rob Duncan (US) and Paul Blackburn (UK).
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Process Journal Edition 9
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More about this issue

Edition Nine also features a bespoke cover illustration by Build.


Page number 80
Language English
Printing country Germany
Publication date 2013

More about Process Journal

Process Journal is a quarterly released graphic design publication. The aim of the journal is not only to serve as a source of inspiration for designers and graphic designers alike, but also to take a look at the ‘process’ behind some of the world’s most influential creative work. Printed on high quality uncoated stocks utilising a five-colour printing process, and advertising-free.

Process Journal is edited by Made Publishers, a boutique periodical and book publisher with offices in Melbourne (Australia) and New York (United States). Founded in 2007 by partners Thomas Williams and Amber Hourigan it produces editions and books dedicated to design, photography, fashion, art, architecture, health & lifestyle. With an emphasis on quality content and high production values, Made publications have been recognized internationally with various awards and accolades.

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