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Issue 20 includes thought-provoking conversations with Richard Pope, Amber case, Aza Raskin, and Tricia Wang.
More about this issue
Offscreen Issue 20
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More about this issue

Richard Pope  —  Ensuring a more open society in the digital age by putting power back in the hands of citizens and consumers.

Amber Case  —  The Calm Tech pioneer offers a more elegant, humane, and unobtrusive approach to designing technology.

Aza Raskin  —  Guarding the sanctity of the human mind: can we regain our attention and keep our grasp on what’s real?

Tricia Wang  —  Big Data needs Thick Data: an ethnographer’s call to fight quantification bias and make the unmeasurable visible.


Page number 160
Language English
Printing country Germany
Publication date August 29, 2018

More about Offscreen

Offscreen celebrates the human side of technology and the web. As a slow, thoughtful counterbalance to the fast-paced, buzzword-heavy tech coverage, the magazine and newsletter explores innovative ideas through introspective writing and human stories. Offscreen asks critical questions about how we shape technology and how technology shapes us.

The face behind the interface

In an industry that prides itself on forming human connections, our world of apps and gadgets can sometimes feel pretty dehumanising. It’s easy to forget that every website we visit and every device we use are the result of a long creative struggle by real people. Offscreen offers a window into the lives and work of those people.

Through four long, intimate interviews in each issue, the publication critically examines today’s role of technology and its potential for advancing us as a species. Offscreen looks beyond the conventional definition of ‘success’ in the tech industry and put the spotlight on people, projects, and ideas that shape it’s vision of a better future.

Taking tech off the screen

As the name suggests, Offscreen is a magazine that explores what happens off the screen, outside the digital realm. It encourages you to put down your device, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a high-quality read the old-fashioned way. Reading it offline, in a distraction-free environment, allows it’s readers to step away from the fast-paced world of bits and pixels to reflect on their role within the web community and the impact they can have.

Offscreen is a counterbalance to the endless stream of buzzword-heavy tech coverage focusing on The Next Big Thing. The magazine is a proponent of The Slow Web, the idea that not all that is instant and fast is necessarily good for us. Offscreen editorial approach is guided by ethical and inclusive principles highlighting stories and ideas that put impact and purpose before growth and profit.

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