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Odiseo Volume 13 — The Last Supper was born from the unlucky number 13 – Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table. Born from this superstition, the editors look at how acts of treachery in many ways define the world we live in. Cheating, deceiving, cowardice – betrayal is almost entirely born out of trust, or love. Without one, the other does not exist.
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Odiseo Vol.13 — The Last Supper
12,00 10,80 Add to bag

More about this issue

Contributors: Ashley D’Arcy, Cecilia Azcarate, Camila Falquez, Alexandra Von Fuerst, Clara Giaminardi, Koos Groenewald, Matthew Nesbitt, Nina Raasch, Sonia Rentsch, Robin Stein.

Limited edition of 3000 copies.


Page number 110
Language English
Printing country Spain
Publication date February 1, 2019

More about Odiseo

Odiseo shouts out the unseen: it is contradictory, mysterious, intellectual and intuitive. Odiseo illustrates the editor’s mission: the exploration of new ways of doing and seeing, offering a different vision on erotism, going beyond gender, seeking seduction through bodies and abstraction.

In-between body and mind, book and magazine

Combining erotic imagery with insightful texts and crossing the boundaries between books and magazines, Odiseo defines itself as a hybrid. With Odiseo, the editors don’t seek to publish current normative content, but focus on the extended present, retaining the periodicity but doing away with the obsolete. This complex and contradictory nature shaped Odiseo as a small, bi-annual hardcover publication. Moving away from the tradition of magazine mass consumption, Odiseo is a publication to be appreciated and read without pressure. It deserves quality time invested into its content.

An independent idea of understanding

The editors wanted to make a progress in the way they understand and approach fashion, eroticism and art. To tell a story through another perspective without being explicit – and instead create many layers of interpretation to reach the people who understand their positioning. This is their way to conceptually tackle a theme, work according to a specific aesthetic and aim to make a statement on a long term basis – a kind of quiet activism.

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