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Made Quarterly

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The second edition of Made Quarterly Features: Mast Brothers (US), Best Made Co (US), Huet Brothers (NL), Stevie Gee (UK), Earth Tu Face (US), March Studio (AU), Uniform Wares (UK), Henry Wilson (AU), Ben Huff (US) and Minimalux (GB).
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Made Quarterly Edition 2
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More about this issue

Made Quarterly edition two also features four individual covers, each displaying chosen works from it’s esteemed contributors.


Page number 98
Language English
Printing country Germany
Publication date 2013

More about Made Quarterly

Made Quarterly is a publication that documents the workings of the modern maker, including, but not limited to, industrial design, architecture, fashion, interior design, photography and the culinary world. Made aims to get inside the heads of those individuals to find out how they do what they do, and what inspires them to create.

Made Quarterly is edited by Made Publishers, a boutique periodical and book publisher with offices in Melbourne (Australia) and New York (United States). Founded in 2007 by partners Thomas Williams and Amber Hourigan it produces editions and books dedicated to design, photography, fashion, art, architecture, health & lifestyle. With an emphasis on quality content and high production values, Made publications have been recognized internationally with various awards and accolades.

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