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The seventh issue of Cercle Magazine is all about Volcanoes! Rocks, magma, strata, stones, explosion, lava, fumaroles... With Cercle, 2019 will definitely be under the aegis of geology.
More about this issue
Cercle N°7 — Volcanoes
18,00 16,20 Add to bag

More about this issue

Monster made of lava and ashes, the volcano impresses, but is also a source of fascination and beauty, a marker of the world’s health and dynamism. And when the lava buries all its surroundings, it is the creative energy and the destructive passion that this issue calls for. With four interviews of professionals working in art, cinema, volcanology, sociology, plus a portfolio introducing ten artists, photographers or illustrators interviewed about their practice, this seventh issue of Cercle Magazine will be the most explosive of all!


Page number 134
Language French
Printing country Lithuania
Publication date April 26, 2019

More about Cercle

Cercle is an independent and thematic magazine published once a year. Every year, a new issue. Each issue, a new topic. Cercle tries to gather information around one main topic and to propose a support that values ​​contemporary artistic creation, culture and science.

At the core of the project was the observation that social networks were an important part of our lives and that digital development allowed a free and fast exchange of information and images. The editors therefore wanted to take advantage of these circulatory images and information and aggregate them according to a simple process: restricted selection, printing and publish. Cercle focuses on the idea of ​​mustering professional, literary, visual, scientific and artistic aspects of one theme per issue, and to propose an inquisitive, playful but also a demanding and inspiring magazine.

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