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Until further notice, most living beings, unlike machines, have the particularity of not being binary and of dreaming. The conscious and unconscious states exist, and dreams have the ability of slipping from one world to the other. This fascinating permeability gives an individual the capacity of projecting himself, imagining and hoping.
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Cercle N°6 — Dreams
18,00 12,60 Add to bag

More about this issue

In the day time, dreams are ambitions, desires or hopes. At night, for some, dreaming is a way into the world of spirits, the afterlife or even the future, whereas for others it’s something absurd, terrifying or a way to switch their brain off. What a vast subject… Whether it’s on a collective or individual scale, dreams are at once a goal, a tenet for analysis and research, an answer, an inspiration or an incongruity. Whether you are attached to them or find it hard to remember them, they remain present, yet impalpable. You can only see them through visual representations or tales and when you look closely, some constructions bear the marks of them. By taking the time to pry into the dreams of others, this new issue of Cercle explores the infinite grey area between day and night.


Page number 134
Language French
Printing country Lithuania
Publication date April 20, 2018

More about Cercle

Cercle is an independent and thematic magazine published once a year. Every year, a new issue. Each issue, a new topic. Cercle tries to gather information around one main topic and to propose a support that values ​​contemporary artistic creation, culture and science.

At the core of the project was the observation that social networks were an important part of our lives and that digital development allowed a free and fast exchange of information and images. The editors therefore wanted to take advantage of these circulatory images and information and aggregate them according to a simple process: restricted selection, printing and publish. Cercle focuses on the idea of ​​mustering professional, literary, visual, scientific and artistic aspects of one theme per issue, and to propose an inquisitive, playful but also a demanding and inspiring magazine.

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