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Another Escape

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The Frozen Volume steps out and embraces the cold. It discovers how extreme conditions can foster community, unity and togetherness, and how our passion for outdoor pursuits can empower us to face the elements.
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Another Escape Volume 11 — The Frozen Volume
15,00 12,00 Add to bag

More about this issue

It uncovers the resilience and ingenuity of communities that have prevailed in some of the planet’s most hostile environments, and how living in these enchanting yet unforgiving places has shaped their worldview. It explores the threats faced by frozen landscapes around the globe as the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, and, crucially, this volume celebrates these unique icy regions in the hope that we may feel driven to preserve them for future generations.


Page number 160
Language English
Printing country United Kingdom
Publication date November 13, 2018

More about Another Escape

Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication that explores the stories of passionate people, alluring landscapes and intriguing ideas. Another Escape cover a disparate selection of subject matter all deep-rooted in exploration, creativity, innovation and discovery, and aim to be a source of inspiration for those who seek an active and considered lifestyle by encouraging an optimistic, forward-thinking and responsible mindset. The publication is a high quality journal: Another Escape is 160 pages on beautiful, quality 120gsm uncoated paper stock (FSC approved & Euro Ecolabel) with 300gsm matte laminate cover, printed in vegetable inks with a local printer.

Through the people and topics it features, the publication’s aim is to inspire and encourage it’s readers to actively explore their own aspirations. Another Escape is comprised of a mix of ideas-based articles, features, people pieces and photo-essays, and storytelling is at the heart of what the editors do and strong narratives are key to the publication. They believe that the interaction and experience that printed material allows is invaluable – they create a well-designed, tactile object that can slot onto your bookcase, sit on the coffee table or be slung into a rucksack.

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